The Brownstones from Behind poster, 16" x 20"

The Brownstones from Behind poster, 16" x 20"

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The Brownstones from Behind poster, Classic New York series, 16" x 20" by Annette & Jon Fortt

From Annette Fortt:

"My fascination with Brooklyn architecture was fed daily by a quick glance out of the front windows of my home on Bainbridge Street. The juxtaposition of color, texture and years of age on the ever-changing architectural shapes gave me endless subject matter. This view from behind was for me just as intriguing as a view from the front."

This poster was designed to highlight the period when it was created, and can be collected along with others in the Classic New York series.

The underlying work, The Brownstones from Behind, is also available as a framed print.

The poster arrives protected in a cardboard tube, packed with tissue paper to protect the piece inside. Unroll it on a clean flat surface, and hold down the corners to flatten.

These matte, museum-quality posters are printed on durable, archival paper.

The poster does not come with hanging clips; those shown in the photo are for display purposes only.