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Scroll Box

Scroll Box

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Though my ideas have been primarily expressed as representational images I have always been a fan of the abstract movement. Presently I have grasped the opportunity to use my love of abstraction to express my fascination with technology and how it has changed our world. Green Scroll Box is a nod to the way we communicate our important messages today and how our thoughts will be preserved. The jewel box in the center of the piece is an actual small wooden box inserted into the sculpted scroll shaped collage background. The box contains the usual circuit like collage that uses mixed media to mimic the look of computer circuits. The scroll background is a collage created with the html of the jewel box itself. As with most of my jewel boxes in the series Scroll Box has a linocut print as it's foundation that has been enhanced with jewelry wires, crystal and polymer beads hardware nails, copper, and aluminum. 


Mixed Media


19.5 x 7.75 x 3.25"

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Tech Inspired

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